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Gold Rises 1.5% on China Stimulus Talk – September 27, 2012

On Thursday, gold logged its biggest one day rally in two weeks, rising by 1.5%.  There were talks coming out of China for more monetary stimulus.  China had underestimated earlier, the impact of global economic slowdown to China’s own economic growth rate.  Growth rate is weaker than anticipated.  Since the beginning of September, other major central banks came out of various bond buying plans to jump start their economies.  China has no choice but to prepare to jump on the bandwagon.

Gold extended its early gains when Spain announced its new economic reforms through further spending cuts.  Gold closed at $1,776.34 on Thursday.  Analysts expect continue support for gold from China’s stimulus talk.

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Gold Falls on Euro Zone Fears, Options Expiration – September 25, 2012

Here is the summary of events that are affecting price of gold bullion, gold coins, including gold sovereign prices:

  • Large scale protest against austerity measures in Spain reignited the fears of debt-ladenEuro zone economies.
  • Gold price pressured by selling related to COMEX October option expiry.
  • New data from IMF indicated the central banks from South Korea and Paraguary had increased their gold holdings in July and August.

At closing, gold was down $3.40 to $1,760.25.   However, this is more due to the option expiration selling.  The news on central banks gold buying is very bullish, according to some gold analysts. General consensus among analysts is that long term investors should use this temporary dip on gold as a buying opportunity to get in the game.  Please visit us frequently for regular updates on gold bullion,  gold sovereign price and other British coin values. Fill out the above form and Regal Gold Coins will contact you for your free gold investment kit.

Gold Settled with its Fifth Consecutive Weekly Rise – September 21, 2012

What a week for gold! There was long anticipated profit taking activities earlier in the week.  Then there was another announcement from a central bank, the Bank of Japan for its own assets purchase plan.  By the end of the week, gold managed to produce a small gain for the week with very bullish sentiment.

Now it is all eyes on China (central bank).  Will they join the party?  We may know more next week.  For the time being, gold buying interests in bullions and gold coins (such as gold sovereigns) are growing.  Many investors have begun to show interest in gold.

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Gold Slips amidst Profit Taking, Waiting for China – September 20, 2012

After recent gold price run up to almost seven months high, traders finally moved in on Thursday to take some profit off the table.

However, all eyes are on China. The latest batch of economic news came out of China confirmed that the country’s frantic economic growth is indeed slowing down. China has indicated that the government will take whatever is necessary to encourage growth again. Investors and analysts alike expect China to jump on the bang wagon of bond buying, announced recently by other central banks (European Central Bank, U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, Bank of Japan). If this happen, it will be very bullish for gold. Near term outlook for gold is $1,800 per ounce.

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Recent Financial Events have Significant Impact on Gold Sovereign Price

The beginning of September marks another breakout of gold price to the upside.  Major financial events happened during the first two weeks have profound implications for gold sovereign price going forward.

(1) ECB bond buying – The European Central Bank has announced a plan to purchase European bonds.  This effectively increases the demand of bonds and pushes bond prices higher, thus bond yields (interest rates) lower.  The very act of this plan has increased the potential inflationary pressure down the road, thus very bullish for gold going forward.

(2) The U.S. private sector in August added the most jobs since March this year and a separate report showed jobless claims fell the week before.  These two reports were enough to temper (however temporary) gold bullion’s rise.

(3) A few days later, the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank announced its intention to begin the third round of “Quantitative Easing”, or QE3, with an open ended plan. This alone pushed the price of gold to the mid $1,700 range and stayed there.

As direct result of gold bullion price and volume increases, gold sovereign price rose simultaneously to record high level. The question everyone is asking currently:  Is this the right time to buy gold sovereigns?  Look at it this way, there may be a potential pull back in gold sovereign price in the near future. However, this pull back may be short and temporary. The argument is, if gold is in a long term secular bull market (which it is), it will be a matter of when, not if, that the gold sovereign price and other British coin values rise again.  Savvy investors stay in this market for the long haul.  Please visit this site regularly for updates on gold bullion and gold sovereign price. Fill out the form above, Regal Gold Coins IRA will contact you for your free gold investment kit.

Some Insights About Gold Sovereign Price

For years, people have invested in gold. There are a lot of reasons for this, but the primary reason is that gold price tends to increase. This is especially true during a recession. It doesn’t seem to make sense, but that’s the way that it works. There are some price fluctuations, and it will occasionally go down, depending on demand, but lots of people like gold during a recession. That is why you will generally see gold sovereign price goes up.

One reason that gold sovereigns increase in value during recessions is because gold is portable, especially in coins. The value of the dollar may fluctuate, but an ounce of gold is always going to be an ounce of gold. No matter what happens, it is always going to have value. The same holds true with a gold sovereign. A sovereign is a British coin. It’s in demand both by investors and by coin collectors. There are only so many of them, and the demand is high, which can drive up the price. It doesn’t matter if you are in Great Britain or not, owning  gold sovereigns is good hedge against inflation and recession, a good way to invest, and a fun thing to collect.

Keeping up with British coin values is important no matter what you do with them. If you are using them as an investment , you want to make sure that your investment is going to be worth more than you spent. As a collector, you want to be able to get the coins you want at a good price. If you notice the gold sovereign price going down, you will be able to get one, or more, for your collection. If you are using them to invest, you may think about buying more while the price is down. Generally, the price will eventually rebound and go up, so buying low is a smart idea.

With gold sovereign price around $400 for a high quality coin, and gold prices upwards of $1700 an ounce, collection of any kind of gold is a good idea. Not everyone wants to deal with bullion, and ingots are just too heavy and ungainly to deal with, but gold coins are a good idea, both to invest in and to collect. Be sure to use a trusted gold dealer such as Regal Gold Coins for your gold buying needs.

Gold Sovereign Price – Why Invest in British Gold Sovereigns?

Queen Elizabeth II 60th Jubilee coin from the Royal MintIf you are interested in investing you might be looking at gold coins as an option, but perhaps concerned with the varying gold sovereign price. On the other hand, these gold sovereigns have been around for hundreds of years and they have a reputation that follows them through history. This is of course one of the appeals of making investments in the coins – the history attached to them cannot be compared to any other type of investments.

You will find that the gold sovereign price may be different from one week to the next but all in all, it holds its value better than other types of investments. Another reason that people choose to invest is due to the varying British coin values depending on their age. With that being said, having a combination of coins from various time periods adds to the investment value. In addition, if you have many coins – these are gold and can be liquidated if need be at any time. Because so many coins have been made over the years, you have a chance of having quite a collection.

Another excellent reason to invest is if you have coins that are 22 carat they are seen as investments and are therefore VAT free. In addition, since they are Capital Gains they are tax-free if you are a UK resident. The sovereign coins are legal tender in the UK and therefore not something that is taxed as would be the case if you have investments in foreign coins.

Besides the fact that the coins have a long history, another great reason to invest is the coins are gold – this means adding this to your investment portfolio can be of great help in times of an economic downturn. You can cash in the gold for cash and have this to live on if it ever came to that. While gold sovereign prices may fluctuate, there are still very good reasons for investing in the coins. Keeping them for many years only increases their value, which of course is another appeal of the gold coins. Investing in historical gold sovereigns has always been appealing.

Old English Coins – Must See to Assess Gold Sovereign Price and British Coin Values!

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Gold Sovereign Price Fluctuation in Recent Years

If you are planning to invest in gold, you probably have noticed that gold sovereign price has been in fluctuation in recent years. It might seem like the coins might not be a good investment since the prices can change but keep in mind that these changes happen as a result of the price of bullion so that the gold sovereign price is less for newer coins but stays fairly strong for the older coins.

Even though the gold in the older gold sovereigns is a smaller portion of the value overall. Because of this and the varying British coin values, every coin is then graded. However, due to the large number of coins produced, it becomes next to impossible to have true price list for every single coin. Those coins that are older and in good condition as well as depending upon what time period they were made will determine their worth more than the gold amount used in the coins when making them. How rare the coin is also will play a huge role in its current value – the rarer the coin, the more it is worth.

If you had your gold sovereigns valued today for their worth it may be more or less than it was last week depending on bullion but with these coins there are obviously many other factors that play a role in the fluctuation of prices. However, the biggest reason is due to the lower priced coins changing drastically as the bullion does – whereas higher priced coins are not as fluctuating.

Since there are more lower priced coins circulating gold sovereign price tend to change rapidly because the majority of those used as investments today are the lower priced coins, which take a sharper hit as the bullion changes. The older sovereigns are hard to come by since most people that have invested in them are not apt to sell them or trade. Even with the fluctuation that happens the gold coins are still a great investment to have as part of your investment portfolio since this can actually offset stocks that go down. Be sure to use a trusted gold dealer such as Regal Gold Coins for your gold buying needs.